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致す [いたす] (itasu)
    Meaning: to do (humble)
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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see itashimasu 

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ex #3983   今後とも努力を致す所存であります。 
We will make further efforts for it.  
ex #5520   その頃わたくし共は北山の掘立小屋同様寝起きをいたして...  
At about that time, we lived in a shack in Kitayama, where being awake and sleeping were the same...(from Mori Ogai's "Takasebune").  

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    Miki致す:「する」の謙譲語。動作者を低めることで聞き手を敬う。多く下に「ます」を付けて用いる。 from 大辞林

    bamboo4堀田小屋 should be 掘立小屋, meaning a crude shack built by inserting the pillers directly into the ground without using any foundation stones. 
    NessAh! I was so careful not to mess up my first contibution and I did! Sorry! Thanks, bamboo4, for the catch. 
    Miki#5520 Ness, I think the sentence is missing ところで or ところに : 北山の掘立小屋同様のところに, otherwise the sentence doesn't make sense. Please check the book again. 
    bamboo4Re #5520: Correct version is: 其頃わたくし共は北山の堀立小屋同樣の所に寢起をいたして. 

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