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Announcing our new GramaGame!

we've been working on a new game in funky html5 for you japanese grammar fiends!

check it out right here!

It's still in alpha, so please lay on the feedback. either through the facebook page or by email to:
jgram dot org at gmail dot com
JGram needs your help! This service relies on your contributions! Whatever level your japanese, please give something back to the community. Just a few entries typed in and we will be your best friend!
  • Examples! A lot of the grammar entries need more examples. Go ask your teacher, Japanese friends, or look in your notebooks! View grammar entries in need of examples to get started.
  • Checking Grammar! Some items here are still in debate. Use the "check grammar" button, and add your two cents to the debate in the comments. Our editors will review the comments and finalize the notes.
  • Editors! We are looking for a few more people to promote to editors. If you have a little time, this is a great way to improve your japanese behind the scenes at JGram. Please send mail to jgram-dev (at) jgram . org

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