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〜放題 [〜ほうだい] (~houdai)
    Meaning: As you like
    Example: Do as you like
    JLPT Level: 0
    Category: grammar
    Author: stratercas

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I`m not really sure if the translation for this is best represented above, but I know it is used in sentances that have "all you can" in them.
its constructed by taking the ます stem of the verb and adding 放題 and then it is treated as a noun.

I have only heard it used with verbs and I have been corrected the few times I tried to use it with する verbs.

if your using a する verb, do not remove the する
IE 勉強する

WRONG >>> 勉強放題 
RIGHT >>> 勉強し放題

also I think this is a good place to mention that Japanese don`t really use this construction, except with a few select words. Although 勉強し放題 is grammaticly correct. Its 変な日本語/Strange Japanese.

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ex #6658   したい放題にする 
Do as you like.  
ex #6659   飲み放題  
all you can drink  
ex #6660   食べ放題  
all you can eat  

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