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〜のような (〜の様な) [〜のような] (~ no you na)
    Meaning: just like, alike to, similar to
    Example: Kanojo wa marude tori no you ni tonde imasu = she's flying just like a bird! (tonde imasu= flying, tobimasu- fly)
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: abbymae111

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~のような (〜の様な), usually written in kana, means "like, similar to"; compare to ~ようだ youda meaning "seeming to be, appearing to be" and usually written at sentence-end, and 〜ように youni* meaning "in order to (e.g. meet goal), so that".
*〜ように youni at the end of a sentence indicates hope, wish, request or mild command.

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