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ように [ように] (youni)
    Meaning: in order to
    Example: in order to be on time
    JLPT Level: 0
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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there are a few ways to express the intention to do something, which seem very similar at first. but:

-youni is used with the potential or negative form of a verb.

 yoku kikoeru youni .. = to be able to hear better
 wasurenai you ni = in order not to forget
 dekiru yooni = so that I will be able to do

-tameni is usually just the plain form
 kau tameni = in order to buy
 kiku tameni = in order to hear
see basis-of-action-group for similar items and comparisons. 
Also means "like" or "as"

Watashi you ni hashiru. (Run like me, to run like me)

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ex #615   忘れ物をしないようにご注意して下さい。 
In order not to leave things, please take care (often heard on trains)  
ex #872   この度の流出したデータを入手された方はお手数ですが削除いただけますようお願い申し上げます。 
Please excuse us for the bother, but could those people who have acquired the data erroneously disseminated on this occasion please delete them.  
ex #899   あなたが元気になりますように 
I pray you get better soon.  
ex #1289   パソコン管理が煩雑になってきましたので、管理しやすいように徐々に変更していきます。 
The computer admin has become really tricky, so in order to make it easier to do, I'll be changing things bit by bit  
ex #1292   間に合うように急いで家を出ました。 
In order not to be late, I left the house in a hurry.  
ex #1314   始めた時のようなことが無いように、開発工程管理をしっかりとお願いします 
In order not to do it like we did at the beginning, be very vigilant about the stages of the development process, please  
ex #3061   そのようにしてもいいのですか。 
Can I do it like that?  
ex #3119   上例のように使えば、いいと思います。 
I think it is alright if you use it like the example above  
ex #7226   風邪がはやく治るように彼は注射を打ってもらった。 
In order to have the cold heal up quickly, he received an injection.  

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  • youni-te    (Varous forms are based on ように (including 〜ようにいって)) [Amatuka]
  • youniiu    (Various forms are based on ように (including ように言う)) [Amatuka]
  • youni-suru    (Various forms are based on ように (including ようにする)) [Amatuka]
  • tame [sutashu]
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AmatukaAs seen in 'ようお願い申し上げます' the に may be omitted in some usages.
BTW, that would appear to be a very polite sentence.
AmatukaFormed from 'verb + you ni'

V = verb
AmatukaWhen used at the end of a sentence it usually indicates a wish, prayer or hope etc. 
dcI was told that verbs are not as comfortable in this construct, but not sure why. eg
In order to do a calculation, I researched market data
is a different expression. It sounds like
= like a calculation, metaphorically speaking

so you should use
in this case. It is different from 間に合うように

← can someone clarify this explanation?
MikiThe Japanese of ex 3 is not matched to English.
Mikiex 1 J should be 間に合うように not 間に合うするように. 
MikiAs for 計算するように、市場データを調べておきました。I think it is just not natural in the context. :( Others will be able to help.
bamboo4Only 計算するように I can think of lis that of an instruction or order = 間違いなく計算するようにしてください (see to it that you perform the calculations without any error.)
blabbyように is used for non-volitional verbs for example できる、わかる、見える、聞こえる、起きられる. It is also used for the negative form of verbs 〜ないように. Otherwise ために is used. However I don't think it is always this simple. Some verbs can be volitional and non-volitional. 
blabbyHere is a good explanation
bamboo4As far as I know, ように can be used for both volitional and non-volitional verbs.  
KotatsuSamaI don't know what a volitional form is... but you-ni also means (like doing-)
Like calculating, he thought out his next move.
bamboo4計算ように次の作動を考えた should be あたかも計算するように次の動作を考えた 
jasyn78kotatsusama, i asked my kyoto sensei about ex.3119. he said it should be 上記 or 上記の例文。not 上例。失礼しました。関係ないけどただ言いたいだけですけど、このサイトは本当に使えるんです。皆さんありがとう。 

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