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ようではないか [ようではないか] (youdehanaika-2)
    Meaning: doesn't it seem ~ ?
    Example: seems like it will rain?
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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ex #487   雨が降るようではないか 
seems like its going to rain doesn't it?  
ex #897   空にのびる枝が我々を導いてくれてるようではないか 
Doesn't it seem as if the branches extending into the sky are guiding us?  
ex #4767   動いているのに、進んでいないようではないか。 
Een though you're moving it doesn't seems as if you're going anywhere.  
ex #8733   みんなで力を合わせて環境を守っていこうではないか。 
We should cooperation and protect our environment.  

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  • youdehanaika    (Don't confuse ようではないか with 様ではないか Same kana, different meaning.) [Amatuka]
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MikiThis sentence is not so natural.
I would say 雨が降り_そう_ではないか。
ではないか can be replaced by じゃないか。(conv)
AmatukaDoesn't seem to be very common usage. 
AmatukaIs that example any better? 
MikiWith this example, it is difficult to make it any better to suit the entry. 
bamboo4ようではないか is a book Japanese. It is hardly used in conversation. 

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