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よう [よう] (you)
    Meaning: appearance, looks, seems
    Example: A sound like rain falling
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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V(普通)    ようだ 
Aい     +ように+V
Aな      ような+N

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ex #689   雨の降るような音がしました。 
There was a sound like rain falling.  
ex #745   そして、ウッドは「負けたら承知しないぞ」と言うように全員をにらみつけた。 
Then Wood stared at all the team members like he was saying "I won't accept it if you're defeated!"  
ex #776   星のように輝いてる瞳。 
Eyes that sparkle like stars.  
ex #2940   そのようなこともあるのでしょうね。 
I guess something like that could happen.  

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AmatukaIt's this one. 
AmatukaTechnically the second example is a sentence fragment. 
AmatukaFormed from 'verb + you' or 'noun no you'

V = verb
N = noun.
bamboo4It's okay, Amatuka, girls would love it!
Confused ChildWait, isn't 'you-ni' "like" or "as" and 'you-na' "such as"?

Like - Do as I do.
Such As - I don't like bad people such as liars.
nexalacerHow does this work in the phrase そのような訳で? 
gandalI have come across the following example:
How does よう in the above sentence differ from よう in this entry?.
For me よう in this sentence doesn't seem to fit any grammatical construction.
dullianと言うように in the second sentences still confuses me, could anyone elaborate a bit on it?
I might think about と言う as defining「負けたら承知しないぞ」, but I can't grasp what follows from ように.

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