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予定 [よてい] (yotei)
    Meaning: be planning to do~
    Example: i am planning to go back to my country at the end of june
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: ramu

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ex #5002   これはあくまでも予定以外のなにものでもない。 
This is only a plan and nothing more than that.  
ex #5240   明日この宿題を終わる予定です。 
I plan to finish this assignment tomorrow.  
ex #7026   来週帰国する予定です。 
I plan to go back to my home country next week.  

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bamboo4予定 is a vocab and not a grammar entry. Although I provided an example, this item should be deleted.
dci guess you're right, although つもり often comes up as a grammar item. the usage is different too.


yookosoI also have come across つもり and 予定 during class studies. If I recall correctly, つもり can only be used to discuss yourself whereas 予定 can be used to discuss yourself or others. 
bamboo4Yes, dc, you are correct. yookoo is also correct in that つもり is essentuially used to express one's intentions, but you have to say that is not necessarily absolute. When you ask a question like あなたは行くつもりですか? "tumori" in that context is not your own but somebody else's so that it is esentially equivalent to あなたは行く予定ですか?.

The example I gave for 予定,however, cannot be replaced by つもり.
bamboo4I have given examples of つもり included in "See Also." 
CampbellTsumori can also be used to describe the state of mind...
美味しい煎餅を食べたつもりです。 in the state of mind like I ate a delicious cookie.
mireille来週帰国する嵐閧ナす。 [ex #7026]
I plan to go back to my home country next month.

The kanji "next week" is used here. ^^;


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