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を中心に [をちゅうしんに] (wochuushinni)
    Meaning: center on, in the middle of
    Example: the center of our discussion
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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focus を subject の 中心に する
china を meeting の 中心に する

= make china the center of the meeting

 中国<font color=red>を</font>議論<b>の</b><font color=red>中心に</font>しましょう
 lets make china <font color=red>the center</font> <b>of</b> our discussion

japanese native speakers will go "huh?" if you get your を and の mixed up - its like mixing "the" and "of"!

and this is a different word order:
 <font color=red>中国</font><b>を中心に</b>議論をする
 <font color=red>focus</font> <b>を中心に</b> discussion を suru
 <font color=red>china</font> <b>as the center</b> lets discuss
see basis-of-action-group for similar items and comparisons. 

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ex #1291   を中心にたくさんの商店が集まっている。 
Centered around the station there are many stores.  
ex #1316   中国海外展開計画の中心に議論しましょう 
Let's make China the center of our overseas expansion plan discussion  
ex #1627   今日の会議でこの議題を中心に議論をしましょう。 
Let's make this matter the central topic of the discussion at today's meeting,  
ex #3209   この地方を中心として、山地は、本州の東北では三列に、同じく西南では二列に分かれて連なっています。 
Centered around this region, three separate mountain ranges extend towards north-east of Honshu, and two separate mountain ranges extend to the south-western part of Honshu  
ex #3553   その家のことはすべてメアリーおばさんを中心に動いていた。 
Everything in that house revolved around Aunt Mary.  
ex #3554   世界経済はアメリカ経済を中心に動いているという事実は誰も否定できない。  
Nobody can deny the fact the world economy revolves around the American economy.  
ex #3555   非核武装を中心にした話し合い。  
Talks centering on nuclear disarmament.  
ex #7168   午前中は文法を勉強する。午後は会話を中心に勉強することになったいる。 
In the morning used to study grammar, In the middle of after noon studying conversation as well.  
ex #8524   私は家族を中心に物事を考えている。  
My interests are centered on my family.  

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AmatukaFirst example is a literal physical centre - with 'in the centre of' meaning, second is a metaphorical centre - with the 'centre on' meaning. 
Amatukaを is used to mark a noun or noun phrase.

N = noun.
bamboo4In the first example, thye Japanese version is okay but the English version should be modified. "In the middle of the station" sounds like all shops are "in" the station. It should be 駅の周りに. However, that deviates from を中心に. I suggest deletion of the first example. 
bamboo4You can probably say as English translation of the first example, "centered around the station" and you don't have to delete it. I think though that translation is kind of awkward. 
dcPerhaps literally this is "taking the station as the center there are lots of shops" 
MikiAs for the second example, overseas expansion plan would be 海外発展計画 or 海外展開計画. Please check 海外拠点 in ALC( 
Mikiboo! one more correction. 中国を 海外展開計画_の_中心に 議論しましょう 
dcboo back! I think i got it. but please check the last example in notes above - not sure why there are two items with を - implies two subjects does it not? 
dc中国を中心に議論しましょう = OK?
中国を中心に議論しましょう = needs を ?
bamboo4You can have を particularly as an emphasis.
As a refinement of 中国を中心に議論しましょう, you can consider 中国を中心に置いて(中心として)議論しましょう. Don't get me wrong,the example as shown is OK.
Mikiex3209 When you say 東北日本、西南日本, it means Northeast part and southeast part of Japanese archipelago divided in the line from Itoigawa糸魚川, Niigata Pref. to Shizuoka.  
MikiInstaed of 「この地方を中心として、山地は、東北日本では三列に、西南日本では二列に分かれて連なっています。」, how about 「この地方を中心として、東北側では3列に、西南部では2列に山脈が連なっています。」? 
Mikiあっ、しまった。 西南側 is beeter for consistency. 
bamboo4I edited #3209. If anyone does not like what I did, just holler.

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