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〜をめぐって ([〜をめぐって] )(wo megutte)
    Meaning: surrounding, concerning, about [/ focusing on / in connection with] [〜] を中心点にして、どんな議論や対立関係が起こっているかを言う時
    Example: There is much debate "concerning...etc" ......X
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar

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I came across this in one of my study sessions
and had a hard time with a clear meaning. I took
it to mean concerning/surrounding but was'nt sure
*THANKS WWWJDIC*. I hope this helps someone!!
Changed the title from (o) megutte to wo megutte because I had problems adding examples.
Also, you'll probably won't ever find it without the wo particle, so might as well not put it between brackets ^^

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ex #7071   この規則の改正をめぐって、まだ討論が続いている。  
The debate about [concerning] the revision of this regulation is still continuing.  
ex #7072   土地の利用をめぐって、二つの対立した意見が見られる。  
There are two conflicting opinions about [concerning] the use of this land.  
ex #7074   マンション建設をめぐる争いがようやく解決に向かった。 
The conflict about [concerning] the building of the mansion was finally heading towards a solution  
ex #7078   町の再開発をめぐり、住民が争っている。 
The residents were quarreling over [about] the redevelopment of the town.  
ex #7106   法律改正をめぐって、議論が続けられた。 
The discussion continued on the subject of judicial reform.  
ex #7207   この小説は、1 人の女性をめぐって、5人の男性か戦う話です。 
These novels are five men or stories to fight over one woman.  
ex #7225   教室の使い方をめぐってまだ議論が続いている。 
There is still a debate going on with regards as to how the class room shall be used.  

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    leviathonI think over can be used for all the examples above fairly naturally, so it seems a simple way to understand the meaning. The other possible translations aren't this flexible. 
    DrJonesIs this JLPT2 grammar? It looks like vocabulary or JLPT1 to me. 

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