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〜を限りに ([をかぎりに] )(wo kagiri ni)
    Meaning: with 〜, some continuing activity will end (or a prohibition on an activity will start) 今まで続いていたことが今後はもう続かなくなることを浮キ
    Example: Starting today, I've decided to stop smoking.
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: claytonian

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Ref # Kanzen Master Level 1 - p6 - no.9 

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ex #7037   今日を限りに、この学校ともお別れです。 
After today I'll say goodbye to this school, too.  
ex #8027   その映画の上映は15日を限りに打ち切られることとなった。  
That film was pulled just 15 days after it was first shown.  
ex #8028   人事部の山田さんは、明日を限りに退職します。  
Mr. Yamada from personnel will quit this job as of tomorrow.  

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