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わりに [わりに] (warini)
    Meaning: considering ..., for ...
    Example: she looks good for her age
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: lesson
    Author: dc

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*This grammar expresses a judgement in which the situation expressed by B does not meet the expectations of A or seem like what A implies.

V(plain form) + わりに
N + の + わりに
いA + わりに
なA + な + わりに

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ex #402   彼は年のわりに老けて見える。 
He looks old for his age.  
ex #1131   高いわりに美味しくない 
For the price it's not very tasty  
ex #1614   二年間居たわりには日本語が・悪くはない・うまくはない 
For the two years he stayed here, his japanese is not bad / good  
ex #3229   日本に長く住んでいるわりに日本のことを知らない 
For someone who has lived in Japan for such a long time, he sure doesn't know much about Japan  
ex #4733   あなたは年のわりに若く見える。 
You look young for your age.  
ex #4734   年のわりにはトムはよくやった。 
Tom did well considering his age.  
ex #4735   この布は値段の割に品質が良い。 
This cloth is good in quality for its price.  
ex #4736   ダイエットは非常な努力を要するが、その割に成果は少ない。 
Dieting takes up so much human endeavour with so little to show for it.  
ex #4737   彼は経験がない割には良くやっている。 
He is doing very well considering he lacks experience.  
ex #6582   お金がないと言っているわりに、よく買い物をするね。 
Even though you say you have no money, you go shopping a lot, don't you?  
ex #7144   父は、普通ならとっくに引退している年齢だが、年をとっているわりには元気だ。 
My Father has retired his job already. However, He seems still young.  
ex #7178   なるほど彼は若いが、年の割りには賢い。 
It is true that he is young, but he is smart for his age.  
ex #8522   その子は年の割りに小柄だ。  
The boy is small for his age.  
ex #8523   彼はブラジルにいた割りにはポルトガル語が下手だ。 
Despite the fact he has been to Brazil, he isn't good at Portuguese.  

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AmatukaKanji version 割に 
dcin Ex 3>
why does the negative case take a は?
MikiYou can say 悪くない。
は here is used to emphasis "bad".
So you can say 上手く_は_ない。, too.
bamboo4Using 上手く probalby would confuse students. Why not use うまく like all Japanese would use? 
bamboo4Corrected 上手く to うまく.
LudiSame as (な)のに // にしては // ...だが、...

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