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わけがない、わけはない [わけがない、わけはない] (wakeganai, wakehanai)
    Meaning: There is no reason (as to) why 〜; It is impossible (for) 〜; cannot
    Example: There's no reason why you can't do such an easy job.
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: Meghana

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This pattern is generally used with noun and any form of verb. 
*This grammar is meant to express strong negative judgement.

V(plain form) + わけがない
いA + わけがない
なA + わけがない
N + の・である + わけがない

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ex #5817   あんな下手な絵が売れるわけがない。 
It's impossible to sell such a poorly done painting.  
ex #5819   あんなやせた人が相撲とりのわけがない。 
There is no reason why such a slim person will be a sumo wrestler.  
ex #5910   こんな難しい問題、私にできるわけがない。  
There is no way I can (solve) this problem.  
ex #5911   こんなにかたい肉、おいしいわけがない。  
There is no way for this hard meat to be delicious.  
ex #5912   うちの会社は人手が足りないから、ひまなわけがない。 
Since my company has unsufficient workers, there's no way I can have free time.  
ex #6490   こんなやさしい仕事が君にできないわけがない 
There's no reason why you can't do such an easy job.  
ex #6491   日本語そんなに速くマスターできるわけがない 
It's impossible to be able to master Japanese that quickly.  
ex #6641   チャンさんは中国人だから漢字が書けないわけがありません 
Because Chan is from China, there is no reason for him to be unable to write kanji.  

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    Mikiex#5912 うちの会社は人手がたりないから, without た, is correct. 
    PACMANex #5817 ex #5819
    The english translation is a bit misleading. Rather than use "there is no reason", it would be better to use "there is no way"."there is no reason" needs a negative afterwards to make sense.

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