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上は [うえは] (ueha)
    Meaning: since when
    Example: since you have kids, you should stop smoking
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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The clause prior to "ue" contains a situation or fact. The clause following "ue wa" indicates the speaker's decision/hope/or resolve. 
(lucinda lohmanoota)

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ex #1164   動物を飼う上は責任をもって世話をするべきです。 
since you have a pet, you should pay attention to your responsibility.  
ex #3193   彼のことだから、「やる」と言った上は、絶対にやるだろう。  
He's the type that when he says he will do it, he definitely will do it.  
ex #6749   事態がこうなったうえは、もう彼一人には任せてはおけない。 
Since the situation have gone this way, you cannot entrust it only to him another time.  

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  • とき    (とき is almost always used for time expressions, whereas 上は can be a bit more cause and effect.) [dc]
  • ijou    (very similar) [dc]
  • karaniha [tuananh]
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AmatukaOops. On second thoughts kill that 'see also' 
Mikiex#3193 Although I've changed from 言って上 to 言った上, the J sounds unnatural. 「やる」と言ったからには would be more natural. 
Mikiah or 彼のことだから、「やる」と以上は、絶対にやるだろう。 
Mikioops 抜けた... 彼のことだから、「やる」と言った以上は、絶対にやるだろう。  
benkyou_garibenWhat about: タバコは法律上、認められているんですよ。In this case, 上は is like "According to". According to the law, tobacco is acceptable.  

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