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上で [うえで] (uede)
    Meaning: upon, after
    Example: I will reply upon careful consideration.
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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「Vta+上で」have the meaning of upon/after.

Ex: #43
I will reply upon careful consideration.

But, 「Vru+上で」have the meaning of when

Ex: #392


[What is the] Etiquette to pay attention when using email?

「N + の + 上で」also means upon/after

Please sign after confirming the details.


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ex #43   よく考えた上でご返事いたします。 
I will reply upon careful consideration.  
ex #392   メールを使ううえで注意すべきマナーって? 
[What is the] Etiquette to pay attention to upon using email?  
ex #5889   手続きの書類は、必要事項をご記入の、ご返送下さい。 
For the documents about the procedures, upon/after filling in the necessary events on them, please send it back here  
ex #5890   みんなで十分話し合ったの結論なのだから、全員従ってほしい。 
Since this conclusion is made upon/after the thorough discussion by everyone, (we/I) would like every member to follow it.  
ex #7029   家族と相談したうえで、ご返事します。 
I will give you my reaction after I have consulted my family.  
ex #7030   アパートは部屋の中を見たうえで借りるかどうか決めたい。 
I would like to decide whether or not I rent the apartment after I have had a look inside the rooms.  
ex #7031   それぞれの説明をよこ聞いたうえで、旅行のコースを遊びたいと思います。 
After I have listened to every explanation, I think I will enjoy the journey.  
ex #7032   私が皆様のご意見をうかがったうえで、来週ご報告いたします。 
After I have been told everybody's opinion, I will inform you next week.  
ex #7075   テレビは外国語の勉強の上でかなり役に立つ。 
A television is pretty useful to study [for study of] a foreign language.  
ex #7191   熟慮の の結論です. 
It is a conclusion upon the deliberation.  
ex #7192   皆の意見を聞いた上で決めました。 
I decided upon the opinions of everyone.  
ex #7193   内容をご確認の上で,サインをお願いいたします。 
Please sign after confirming the content.  
ex #8515   すべて分かった上でやったことだ。  
It`s something I did full-knowing the consequences.  

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AmatukaCareful not to get じょうで mixed up with うえで because they look exactly the same with kanji. 
AmatukaSecond example has an implied なんですか at the end of the sentence. 
AmatukaOops. On second thoughts kill that -> ueha 'see also' 
Amatuka(Too darn many 上's to get confused) 
SnakeI finally saw joude when i was installing debian on my laptop ^_^ it was something like
Snake*の上で even  
your nameI often hear people at work use joude as in "PC jyou" on the PC... 
MikiAs for 'このベースシステムのじょうで、ネットワークホストインストールすべきです。' is not natural for me. このベースシステムじょう(上)で would be better. I think when 上 is followed by noun, 上 would be read as 'じょう'. 
bamboo4You means when 上 is "precceded" by noun. 
I think there is a need for の after the 名詞, before the 上で(うえで), 名詞+の上で
If it is verb 動詞 , then it is 動詞(た形)+
Sometimes, you can omit the で : 上(で) 
PC 上 means " about/for/relating about the PC" same as ex#392 "upon/relating about the using of email"
Like ex#392, here 上で means " 〜に関連して ", whereas the remaining 3 examples mean ”〜してから”
bamboo4A minor point, but in #5889, "the necessary events" should be "the necessary particulars".  

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