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ところで (所で・処で) ([ところで] )(tokoro de)
    Meaning: by the way それはそうと。話題を変えるときに使う語。
    Example: by the way it looks like rain
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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Tokoro de is normally written in Hiragana although Kanji is possible. It will always be used to change the topic in a conversation. So if you were to see, "By the way...." it could start a clause or be after a complete sentence where you or someone says something and you use tokoro de to add more information or something that popped into your mind because of it. 

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ex #1099   雨が降ってきたなあところで飯にしないか 
Hey, it's starting to rain By the way you want to go get something to eat?  
ex #1101   ( 「ところで」の他の意味 )私が説得したところであいつは耳をかさないだろう. 
(alternate usage) No matter how much I try to persuade him, that guy won't listen.  
ex #4942   ところで、あなたの仕事は何ですか。[tokorode, anatano shigotoha nandesuka] 
By the way, what do you do?  
ex #4943   ところで、あなたは宿題をしましたか。 
By the way, have you done your homework?  
ex #4944   ところで、ちょっと君に話がある。[tokorode, chotto kimi ni hanashi ga aru] 
By the way, I have something to tell you.  
ex #4945   ところで、あなたは今晩暇ですか。[tokorode, anata wa konban hima desuka] 
By the way, are you free tonight?  

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  • tokoro    (tokoro literally means place but can also be used for time as in [今着いたところです] I just got here (lit: time of arriving is now)) [your name]
  • hasateoki    (very similar) [dc]
  • tokorode dokkoi    (An expression meaning, "funny you should mention that." [ところでどっこい]) [joe cello]
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dcdifferent ways of saying "by the way"

chinami ni > related to that...
tokorode > by the way (unrelated)
soieba > speaking of that

from here

Amatukaところで、Googleで”Japanese Grammar"+databaseの検索の結果、70ページ目になるため、おめでとう!
By the way, congratulations to getting to the 70th page on a Google search for "Japanese Grammar" + database. ;-)
AmatukaBy the sounds of it I'd guess "Talking about which" would work well for ちなみに. 
bamboo4それはさておき would be another similar expression.Perhaps the two should be linked.
ちなみに can also be "now that you mention it."
bamboo4Added another meaning of ところで 
dcnot to be confused with tokoro as in place or time  
〜たform of verb + ところで
and just ところで、ちがうのものです。
If it is just ところで,which being used at the beginning of a separate sentence, it means 'By the way'.
If it is a verb in 〜たform + ところで 、then it is
bamboo4To be specific, #1101 is in 〜たform + ところで and as such it is different from other examples under this head.  
hollandIs it used when we want to change the topic?? 
ozonitabetaiholland, yes, it is used when you want to change the topic.

Also, as far as example 1099 is concerned, I'm thinking that it's better to say, ”...ところでご飯(ごはん = meal)食べにいかない(か)?”
tigertIs example #1101 the reason this entry is marked as -1? because other than that example this is a solid entry that I have heard used a million times since I have been in Japan. 日常の日本語だよ 

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