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た形 積もりで [たつもりで] (tatsumoride)
    Meaning: instead of (hypothetical action)
    Example: 運動したつもりで、歩いて行った。/ Instead of doing exercice, I went walking.
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: chadxtiman

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P1た形つもりでP2 have the meaning of an equivalence between the hypothetical clause P1 and the real clause P2 (value, time, effort). 

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ex #6837   ボナスは買いに使ったつもりで銀行にお金を入れた。 
Instead of using the bonus pay to buy things, I saved it (in the bank).  
ex #6838   運動したつもりで、歩いて行った。 
Instead of doing exercise, I went walking.  
ex #6839   特別料金は五百円だから、コーヒーを一杯飲んだつもりで、特急電車に乗った。 
Because the added charge is 500 Yen (the same value than the coffee), instead of drinking a coffee cup, I took the limited express train.  
ex #6840   死んだつもりで決心した。 
You made the decision with the same feeling as if you were going to die.  
ex #6841   父親になったつもりで学生の世話をした。 
I attended this student as if I were his father.  
ex #6842   有名な人になったつもりで、道で写真を撮らせた。 
They took a picture of me on the street as if I had became famous .  

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    赤毛I intent to give a second life to that empty entry changing it completly:
    独立性 [どくりつせい] (dokuritsusei)
    Meaning: independence
    Example: Our independece have a deeper meaning in our heart.
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: flash
    Author: chadxtiman
    No example.
    The examples are a bit sketchy and need revising by someone with more experience.
    "You made it the resolution that you will need to die" that makes no sense.

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