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たとたん ([たとたん] )(tatotan)
    Meaning: See [とたん(に)] ~shitara
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: Fritz

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As soon as something happened/happens (something else happens/happened) 
動ーた形 +とたん(に)

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ex #6668   おもちゃを取り上げたとたん、子供は激しく泣き出した。 
Just when I took the toy from him, the child burst into a violent cry. .  
ex #7156   窓を開けたとたんに小鳥が外へ逃げてしまった。 
The small bird has run away to the outside as soon as having opened the window.  
ex #8469   家に着いたとたん嵐になった。  
I had barely got home when the storm broke  
ex #8470   帰宅したとたん雨が降り始めた。  
Even as I came home, it began to rain.  
ex #8471   私が立ち去ったとたんにけんかが始まった。  
Hardly had I left before the fight started.  

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