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~たっけ [~たっけ] (takke)
    Meaning: was it~; did you say~
    Example: What did you say your name was ?
    JLPT Level: 0
    Author: Dom

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ex #7288   あれはそんなによかったっけ?  
Was it that good?  
ex #7340   いつ映画を見にいったっけ 
When did we go to a movie?  
ex #7379   どこまで話したっけ? 
Where did I leave off?  
ex #7392   ジョンの家はどこでしたっけ? 
Where is John's house again?  
ex #7396   お昼ご飯何食べたっけ? 
What did I eat lunch today?  
ex #7417   おいくつでしたっけ?  
How old are you again?  
ex #7483   これ前に言ったっけ? 
Have I already told you this?  
ex #7485   お宅はどこでしたっけ?  
Where did you say your house was ?  
ex #7499   何でしたっけ? 
What was that?  
ex #7520   かぎ閉めましたっけ?  
Do I forget and do not the key forget to close?  
ex #7703   先生は昨日、何て言ったっけ? 
What did my teacher say yesterday?  
ex #7707   お店で何を買ったっけ? 
What did I buy in the store? Remind me.  
ex #7739   彼そんなにかっこ良かったっけ?  
Was he that nice looking ?  
ex #7743   君は今日休むって言ったっけ? 
Did you say that you will be absent today?  

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