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ただ〜のみならず ([ただ〜のみならず] )(tada~nominarazu)
    Meaning: Not only ~ (but also ~); not only that. Used in comparison, juxtaposition, and analogy - literary language. Formal, written. 「AのみならずB(まで)(も)」の形でも用い、「ただ」がつくと、より強調する阜サとなる。
    Example: I heard that she didn't just look after the the elderly man who'd fallen over, she took him all the way home
    JLPT Level: 1
    Author: LR

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Ref # Kanzen Master Level 1 - p44 - no.40 
Ref # A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar p461 

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ex #7925   富士山はただ高いのみならず、姿も美しいので、日本の象徴として愛されている。 
Mount Fuji is not just a high mountain, it has a beautiful shape so it is loved as a symbol of Japan.  
ex #7926   彼はただ勇敢であるのみならず、優しい心の持ち主である。 
He is not only brave, but the owner of a kind heart.  
ex #7927   これからの企業は単に利益を追求するのみならず、環境に配慮した生産活動を行わなければならない。 
Today's companies should not just pursue profits; they should also consider envrionmental protection issues in their production activities.  

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