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そうすると [そうすると] (sousuruto)
    Meaning: That means, If that's the case, etc
    Example: That means that there is no time to drink beer!
    JLPT Level: 0
    Category: grammar
    Author: ninja_k

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ex #4748   9時に彼女らと会うのか? そうするとビールを飲む時間はないんだよ! くそ! 
We're meeting the girls at 9? That means there's no time to drink beer! Damnit!  
ex #4753   そうするといやが上にも美しく見える。 
That makes you much more attractive still.  

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    dcdoesnt this mean more like "_if_ that's true, then..." - ie based on preceding item.
    so your ex #4748 would be:
    If thats true, then we dont have time for a drink.
    bamboo4彼女らを should be 彼女らと. Also, "to drink a beer" should be "to drink beer." 
    ninja_kdc - I defer to native speakers on that one... in the book I got, the meaning was: Based on the preceding information, a new topic is brought forth. Which leads into the english of that means... cleaned things up a bit / fixed #4748... 
    jmadsena slightly different sense than dc's example,

    "if you follow those directions, then you will see it on your right"

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