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そうもない [そうもない] (soumonai)
    Meaning: no way; impossible
    Example: there is no way~
    JLPT Level: 0
    Author: Dom

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ex #7563   今夜は眠れそうもない 
I don't think I can sleep tonight.  
ex #7575   明日は雪が降りそうもない 
There is no way it snows tomorrow.  
ex #7589   明日までにこの宿題を終われそうもない 
I don't think I can finish this homework by tomorrow.  
ex #7608   あまり期待できそうもない 
There is not much hope.  
ex #7609   あなたは一度その映画を見たら、忘れそうもないでしょう。 
Once you see the movie, you will never forget it.  
ex #7614   彼は助かりそうもない 
He may well do not help.  
ex #7625   一度彼らの顔を見たら忘れそうもないな。 
Once you see their faces, you will never forget them.  
ex #7628   時間内にこの仕事をできそうもない 
I don't think that I could finish this task in time.  
ex #7654   私じゃ戦えそうもない 
I am impossible to fight.  
ex #7655   それには同意できそうもない 
There is no way I'd agree with that.  
ex #7680   明日雪は降りそうもない 
There will be not snow tomorrow.  
ex #7694   今夜は眠れそうもないです。  
I just can't sleep tonight.  
ex #7723   彼は眠れそうもない 
He don't think I can sleep it.  
ex #7747   もしかして財布を落としたかも。 
Maybe I dropped down my wallet.  
ex #7757   わたしはあなたに勝てそうもない 
I don't think I can win you.  

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    I'm afraid I can't finish them in time.

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