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から・ので [から・ので・] (since/because-group)
    Meaning: because
    Example: because you were late
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: lesson
    Author: dc

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karaniha because, since
I have to do it because I promised.


verb ~ tara
if, when...
when you get to the station...

verb ~ ba
if you come to the station...

most frequent basic "so" connective.
because I came to the station...

ueha <b>Because of A, B must be done</b>
used for duty, obligation
Because I promised, I have to go

"since" but used for heavy duties
女として生まれた からには 綺麗でいたい
since I was born a woman, I want to be pretty

verb ~ teirai
implies timeline connection
since coming to japan...

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ex #8075   お魚が安かったからたくさん買いました。 
Because the fish was cheap, I bought many of them.  
ex #8436   彼は寝過ごしたから (ので)学校に遅刻した。  
Because he had overslept, he was late for school.  
ex #8437   「どうして行かないの」 「忙しいからです」  
"Why aren`t you going?" "Because I`m busy".  
ex #8438   そうしたのは腹が立っていたからだ。  
It was because I was angry that I did it.  
ex #8439   彼女が帰ってきたのは雨が降ったからではない。  
It was not because it was raining that she came home.  
ex #8440   身なりが貧しいからといって人を軽蔑してはいけない。  
You should not despise a man just because he is poorly dressed.  
ex #8441   私がどうしても手助けをしないので彼は怒った。  
He was angry because I wouldn`t give him any help.  
ex #8442   お金の価値がなくなってきたのでためる張り合いがなくなかった。  
Because money fell in value, there was no encouragement to save.  
ex #8443   風邪を引いているので何の味もわかりません。  
Because I have a cold, I can`t taste anything.  
ex #8444   切手がなかったので、すぐに手紙を出すことができなかった。  
Because I didn`t have any stamps, I couldn`t mail the letter immediately.  

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MikiIn note, kanji is wrong, 日本に来て_以来_ is correct. 
Mikiそうみたいね。I thought you might have gone somewhere as I didn't see updates by you. 
tenshidoesn't following a verb with participle と also work..
カボチャを食べると嬉しいです。for if...
for when, i believe it means very close to the event, such as
魚を食べると病気に成りました。 as in just recently "when"...?

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