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せねばならない [せねばならない] (seneba naranai)
    Meaning: Have to, feel obliged to
    Example: Those involved must tell the truth.
    JLPT Level: 0
    Category: grammar

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ex #5477   関係者は真実を明らかにせねばならない  
Those involved must tell the truth  
ex #5478   これらの製品の新たなる販路を開拓せねばならない 
We have to find a new market for these products.  
ex #5479   是非とも目標を達成せねばならない 
I have to attain my purpose at all costs.  
ex #5480   老人を尊敬せねばならない 
You have to respect the old.  
ex #5481   私は彼に遅れをとらないように一生懸命勉強せねばならない 
I must study hard in order to keep up of him.  
ex #8073   女性は結婚したら会社をやめねばならぬという考えはもう時代遅れだ。  
The idea that women feel they ought to quit work after getting married is a thing of the past.  

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    tigertせねばならない? I have never heard this. I have heard しなければならない Or しなければいけない which both mean "must" or "have to"

    Is the せねば part of a regional accent? If so what region?
    AuxaboisIt looks to me that instead of an appendage to a verb like 食べなくてければなりません, せねばならない becomes the verb. It appears all the exp. sentances have a suru verb minus suru with せねばならない added? So does this only work with suru verbs? 
    leviathonIt's a verb stem. I'll add some examples from a text I'm using. If you do a search on twitter it barely registers. Best as input rather than output. 
    expandoverhere you go how this is used:
    1- verb in the negative form drop the ない and add ねばならない
    ex: 行かない drop ない and attach ねばならない to いか, so it becomes いかねばならない which means must go.
    2-for せねばならない is added to しない which means do not do by changing し==>せ and dropping ない
    ex: 勉強せねばならない which means must study.

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