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させる [させる] (saseru)
    Meaning: make, let someone do something
    Example: I made my daughter study
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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ex #1030   田中さんは娘を大学へ行かせた 
Tanaka san made/let his daughter go to college  
ex #3188   そんなことさせるなんて、あんたも強情だね。 
You must be pretty hardheaded to make him do that.  
ex #4968   あなたの息子さんを親離れさせるべきです。 
You should make your son independent from you.  
ex #4969   あなたに心配させるつもりはない。 
I don't mean to make you worry.  
ex #4970   どうしても私の言葉を彼に信じさせる事ができなかった。 
I could never make him believe what I said.  
ex #4971   サリーは弟にバスルームを掃除させた。 
Sally made her brother clean the bathroom.  
ex #4972   私は彼に計画を変更させた。 
I made him change his plan.  
ex #4973   私は彼に戸を開けさせた。 
I made him open the door.  
ex #4974   先生は彼を帰宅させた。 
The teacher let him go home.  

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  See Also:  
  • morau    (morau is politer than saseru, the latter implies making someone do something, as opposed to do them doing it for you) [dc]
  • Causative    (causepass page has the full explanation) [dc]
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dcgreat page here 
JonIsn't this JLPT Level 3 grammar? 
dcyep, its level 3. changed... 
LPさせる I belive can also imply that you were allowed to do something.  
nnskagethat's the "let" part :) 
KyleGoetzDoes this need it's own entry? Shouldn't this just be merged with all other causative verb forms? 
Adm.HeloiseDoes Have the form rasaseru and saserareru? 

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