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様を見ろ、いい気味だよ、ほら! ([さまをみろ、いいきみだよ、ほら] )(sama wo miro, iikimi da yo, hora!)
    Meaning: I told you so, Serves you right, See! 意味:私が言った通りじゃ、自分のせいじゃないか 定義:失敗した様の醜さを知らせ、人の失敗を嘲っていう語。
    Example: Person A: Something bad happened to me B: I told you so! / See!/ I warned you that might happen/Its your own fault
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: kadoka66

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    kadoka66attempted to add an example sentence but got the

    error msg: Item does not exist.
    tigertThis is a little rough. anyone who reads this should know its something you would only say to your closest of friends.

    EDIT: I asked a few friends about this and they all told me that the kind of people that use this Japanese are not the kind of people they want to be friends with. 本当に気を付けてね 危ない言葉だ
    nickm758I learned 様を見ろ to mean "Look who's talking". For example, if someone you know who's always late tells you off for coming late you would use this.

    It's not all that nice, though.
    赤毛I think this is not a grammar point. If somebody agree I will give it a second life changing it completely. 
    karekanoI agree with you 赤毛さん. I think it is not a grammar point... 
    kemhideis ほら also rude expression?  

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