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〜っぱなし (〜っ放し) [〜っぱなし] (ppanashi)
    Meaning: Keep ~ing / To leave ~
    Example: I kept standing for 5 hours.
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: blabby

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Verb(ます形) + っぱなし 
Ref # Kanzen Master Level 1 - p62 - no.55 
Ref # A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar p333 

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ex #5445   新幹線の中では、東京から青森まで3時間立ちっぱなしだった。足が痛くなっちゃった! 
On the shinkansen from Toukyou to Aomori I kept standing up for 3 hours. My feet hurt!  
ex #5446   ここに置きっぱなしにしちゃダメでしょ。 
Hey, you can't leave your things here.  
ex #5447   ゴミを散らかしっぱなしにしないでね。 
Don't drop your rubbish about, ok.  
ex #5448   友達のビデオが借りっぱなしだ。早く返さなくちゃ。 
I borrowed my friends video and didn't return it. I'd better return it soon.  

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    blabbyThis is a rare case of 一級 grammar that I hear in every day conversation. I learnt this when I was still a beginner. I think it has a similar meaning to "〜たまま". 
    bamboo4It is a colloqual form of 放し, meaning doing something and leave it at that.It has a lot more emphasis than ...たままにする. 
    FutaroHow can I know how must I read the kanji, if in on yomi or kunyomi.
    For example: in nツー 5446 is:
    koko ni "TE" ki ppanachi
    koko ni "OKU" ki ppanachi?
    It is very difficult for people who donツエt know japanese very well.
    kryptolusIt's not that difficult.
    The fact that there's a hiragana 'ki' after it tells you that it should be 'oki'. This has nothing to do with this grammar though...
    CacawateIt's common practice that in compounds you'll be using onyomi. 
    DogbreathsanFor Futaro - this link gives a good description of what is going on with the on'yumi/kun'yumi issue. 

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