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お茶を濁す ([おちゃをにごす] )(ocha wo nigosu)
    Meaning: to avoid giving a direct answer 直接答えないで、曖昧に言えること
    Example: 本音を見せず、お茶を濁した。He beat around the bush and avoided showing his true feelings.//もちろん人それぞれだからと慌てて茶を濁し、話題をすり替えた。She hurriedly made up some excuse about there being all types of people and changed the subject.
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: hicks

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I think usage is not limited to negative connatation, e.g., "ramble on about". 

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    SumofanShouldn't this entry be filed under "idioms" rather than "grammar"? 

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