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〜につけ [〜につけ] (nitsuke)
    Meaning: each time, whenever, either way
    Example: whenever i see my mum knitting a sweater..
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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*A tricky piece of grammar. The meaning in Japanese is as follows:

*「Aにつけ、Bにつけ」 is a common construction. A and B are often pairs or two of a kind, such as strong/weak, good/evil, etc.

V(plain form) + につけ
いA + につけ

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ex #500   私が料理すると、味が濃いにつけ、薄いにつけ家族から文句がでる。 
Each time I cook, either way if the flavor is strong or weak, my family complain.  
ex #1002   彼を見るにつけ、私の兄を思い出す 
each time I see him, I’m reminded of my brother  
ex #6412   祖母が編んだセーターを見るにつけ、やさしかった祖母を思い出す。  
When I look at the sweater my grandma knitted, I always remember her kindness.  
ex #6413   親は、暑いにつけ寒いにつけ、離れて暮らす子供を思い出し、心配するものだ。 
Be it (the weather) hot or cold, parents remember their children who live away from home, and are prone to worry.  
ex #6414   私が料理すると、味が濃いにつけ薄いにつけ、家族から文句が出る。 
When I cook, whether the taste is strong or bland, my family complains.  
ex #6669   試験での失敗を思い出すにつけ、悔しさがよみがえる。 
My regrets come back each time I remember the exam that I failed.  
ex #8377   彼女は昨日何かにつけついていた。  
She was lucky in everything yesterday.  

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DarrkangelHmm... what's the difference between nitsuke and tabini? 
ZekkDistorThere is no difference, they have the same meaning 
missshapooootabini and nituke have a slight differense. In "nituke" after the pattern there come phrases expressing feelings/emotions or emotional patterns. So that the meaning of "nituke" - whenever someone happens to be in same situation, always has certain feelings and thus does something. 
claudiofreitas3@dc The links on the "see also" section are the same. Maybe these are the links meant to be in there? ->

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