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〜にたえる ([〜にたえる] )(nitaeru)
    Meaning: has value; it is worth doing 十分に〜に値する・どうにか〜することができる。
    Example: It is worth reading that book
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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耐える = to put up with, be able bear. 
Ref # Kanzen Master Level 1 - p67 - no.64 
While the verb 耐える as a piece of vocabulary means being able to withstand / endure, the grammar phrase にたえる means to deserve, be worthy of, to have value in... にたえる is completely different from 耐える!
Customarily used with a set number of words such as 市販、鑑賞、読む、見る、聞く、批判、評価 (worthy of being sold, admired, read, seen, heard, criticism/comment, evaluation) 

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ex #4241   十分読むにたえる作品だ。 
That book is worth reading  
ex #7082   趣味で始めた焼き物だが、ようやく市販するにたえる作品ができるようになった 
I just started pottery as a hobby, but pretty soon I was making stuff that was good enough for sale  
ex #7086   あの子は大人の鑑賞にたえる絵を描く 
That kid draws pictures that are worthy of adult appreciation.  
ex #8020   ずいぶん値段が安いけど、使用にたえるかどうか、ちゃんと確認して買った方がいい。  
The price may be very cheap, but before you buy it you should make sure to check whether it merits use or not.  

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olivierI have found that this entry, just like the one on に耐えない, is considered as belonging to Level 1 of JPLT. 
LRMoving this one, also, to JLPT 1 - 2010/12/04 
LRchanged example sentences that were unrelated to this grammar entry. 

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