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にする [にする] (nisuru)
    Meaning: to make.
    Example: (The teacher) makes the class interesting.
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: Godzilla

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ex #447   授業を面白くします。 
(The teacher) makes the class interesting  
ex #647   AutoCADを 3日でものにする!! 
Make AutoCAD yours in three days!!  
ex #680   日本語を自家薬籠中のものにする 
Make Japanese the language you can handle with complete dexterity.  

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  • nisuru-2    (Two different usages in one にする fixes on a particular choice, the other にする makes something so.) [Amatuka]
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Amatuka[DC said] You take an adverbial form and put it in the sentence. 
AmatukaPossibly should have a separate entry for 'ものにする' 
Amatuka'make ... yours' as in 'master it' 
AmatukaDoes this need to be -2? I don't notice any particular problems with it. 
MikiI'm so impressed. I can learn Japanese here, too!
I didn't know 自家(じか)薬籠中(やくろうちゆう)の物(もの) . This comes from Chinese history book of Tang.

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