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にしろ; にせ(も)よ; にしても [にしろ; にせ(も)よ; にしても] (nishiro,niseyo,nishitemo-2)
    Meaning: It doesn’t matter which; It doesn’t matter whether.
    Example: 日本にしろ、中国にしろ、アジアの国へ行くのは面白い。
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: maikeru

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'De aru' always follows a noun or a na adjective. In the case of an I adjective, the form changes to 'kare'. Usually written. After verbs, use 'ni shiro'. 
[動詞 ・ い刑 ・ な刑 ・ 名] の普通刑 + にしろ


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ex #6531   日本、にしろ中国にしろ、アジアの国へ行くのは面白い。 
It doesn’t matter whether it’s Japan or China, going to Asian countries is interesting.  
ex #6756   引き受けるにしろ引き受けないにしろ、なるべく早く決めたほうがいい。 
It doesn't matter whether you undertake or not , but you'd better decide as quickly as possible.  
ex #8612   Whether true or not true. 
ex #8614   ビールにしろ、日本酒にしろビール飲んだら運転できない。 
If you drank whether beer or Japanese alcohol, you cannot drive.  
ex #8615   好きにせよ嫌いにせよ、彼女が優れた歌手であることはみんなが認めている。 
Whether you like it or hate it, she is an excellent singer that everyone acknowledges.  

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