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になる [になる] (ninaru)
    Meaning: To become
    Example: It's become a real mess!
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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Example たかい >>>たかくなる

な形容詞 (−な+に)+なる
Example きれいな >>>きれいになる

名詞 (+に)+なる
Example かくし>>かくしになる

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ex #1334   ざっと計算しても大変なことになる  
Even by a rough calculation we are going to be in a terrible state!  
ex #5521   未来には先生になりたいです。 
In the future, I want to become a teacher.  
ex #5522   この薔薇の花はもっと美しくなりました 
This rose has become more beautiful.  
ex #7772   注意しなかったので,病気になりました。 
Because I wasn't careful,I became sick.  

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drgon76Is there a difference between -となる and -になる?? 
your namein the example above the と is a half of こと 「事 」
I think it is almost always になる
に as in "to" (a place). maybe sometimes its omitted.
someone native will have to answer...
MikiI don't think there is a difference between them when noun + -となる or -になる.
eg. ok 雨になる。雨となる。社長になる。社長となる。
But I agree -になる is used mostly.
bamboo4One would say 大変なことになります in stead of 大変となります.
bamboo4ざっと計算しても means "even with a rough computation" and there is no meaning to it which would suggest "Even though I budget all the time." 
Miki#5521 We usually say, 将来は、先生になりたいです。instead of 未来は. 
Agree with みきさん。 
Paty私の息子を先生になりたいです (I want my son to be a teacher) is gramatically correct? If not, how it should be said? Should を be replaced by が? 
PatyMaybe it should be 私の息子に先生になって欲しい。??? 
tigert私の息子を先生になりたいです isn`t the を miss used here. I thought that with なる the object always took the が particle?

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