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にくい ([にくい] )(nikui)
    Meaning: Is diffcult to do 出来るごとが難しいです。
    Example: He's difficult to understand, isn't he?
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: tigert

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formed with Vm + (難い) にくい, making it an i adjective.  

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ex #4750   彼は分かりにくいでしょうかなぁ?  
He's difficult to understand,isn't he?  
ex #4751   食べにくい食べ物がきらいだ。 
I don't like difficult to eat foods.  
ex #4752   このめずらしい切手は手にはいりにくいんだよ。 
This rare stamp is hard to come by.  
ex #6644   タイガーティの説明はとてもわかりにくいですね。 
tigert`s explanation is very difficult to understand.  
ex #8633   英語での本を読みにくいです。 
It's hard to read the book in English.  
ex #8680   多くの外人にとって、納豆を食べにくいんだ。  
For many foreigners, natto is hard to eat.  
ex #8681   凍った食べ物が食べにくいだ。 
Frozen food is hard to eat.  

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MikiAs for the comment in Notes, t should be にくい, not いくい. typo?
In kanji 'にくい' is in 難い or 悪い
'verb conjugation + にくい'.
ninja_kfixed, thanks!
crbennettWhat's the difference between むずかしい and にくい?  
GrooveThe different is that 難い is added to a verb stem to change it to an adjective, whereas 難しい is an existing adjective meaning 'difficult', and thus can't be conjugated to a verb stem.

For example:

That word is difficult to remember (lit. That word's remembering is difficult.)

as compared to:

Remembering that word is difficult (lit. That word's remembering is difficult).

EDIT 10/15/07: You're right; thanks tiger!
tigertHey groove in your second example. I don`t think you need the する.

思い出す is a verb already. other than that I like your explaination very clear I added a vocabulary note for yasui

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