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にわたる,にわたって [にわたる, にわたって] (ni wataru, ni watatte)
    Meaning: for,over,extending,stretching,ranging,covering
    Example: the Olympic games were held for sixteen days . オリンピックが16日間にわたって開かれた.
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: Bartek

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(ni wataru) is a compound particle that indicates something takes (took place) over a particular span of time or physical space. It is often used in written form and in formal speech, such as the news.  

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ex #8545   にわたる 
1)Guarantee covers the scope of wiring as well as piping work. ni wataru  
ex #8546    
ex #8744   約40年にわたる冷戦がついに終わった。 
The Cold War, which lasted for about 40 years, finally came to an end.  
ex #8746   オリンピックがにわたって開かれた. 
the Olympic games were held for sixteen days.  

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