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なるべく [なるべく] (narubeku)
    Meaning: as much, fast~ as possible
    Example: do it as soon as you can
    JLPT Level: 0
    Category: admin
    Author: dc

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ex #3022   なるべく早く作って下さい! 
Please do it as quickly/soon as you can.  
ex #3023   なるべく客観的な書き方で 
Write as objectively as possible  
ex #3915   なるべくゆっくり話してもらえますか。 〔なるべく adv.〕 
Could you speak as slowly as possible?  
ex #8764   できるなら、なるべく明日までにそれをしなさい。  
Do it by tomorrow, if possible.  

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    dcthis entry was なるべき (@_@)
    but i edited it and moved over (losing the old comments)
    tenkamuteki82There is an error, I think in example #3915 Needs to have 'moraemasuka'

    It should be:

    なるべくゆっくり話して(も)らえますか。 〔なるべく adv.〕
    lou1sbI think the person who wrote the example wanted potential form but conjugated it incorrectly. It should be




    The second seems more like a polite request.

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