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なる [なる] (naru)
    Meaning: Used much like the な of na-adjectives - somewhat archaic.
    Example: With my sacred sword I shall smite thee!
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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ex #717   悪魔め!俺様はなる剣で貴様を倒す! 
Foul demon! _I_ will smite you with this sacred * sword!  
ex #5326   スター・ウォーズのエピソード4の副題は、「新たなる希望」である。 
The subtitle of Episod IV of Star Wars is "a new * hope".  

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  • na    (な derived from なる, but nowadays naru is fairly restricted in usage (classical and religious contexts)) [Amatuka]
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AmatukaAlso used a lot in fantasy computer games. ;-) 
AmatukaP.S. Don't use 俺様 unless you happen to be a samurai from the past or egotistical hero of a bad Anime.  
AmatukaP.P.S. That's probably a horrible horrible example sentence ^^v 
AmatukaIncidently, is that 剣 read つるぎ ? 
Miki剣 read つるぎ and けん。You can use both way in context. 
AmatukaAh, I thought that might be the case - but I wasn't sure. 
SlyEcho単なる is probably a more common word. 
carythe word naru came to me in a the form of a woman and she was gorgous ...sighhhh 
These are both well-written.
MikiThank you (^o^) I am quite good at Japanese.  
KWhazitThis shows up constantly in the (imitation?) archaic style that seems to be preferred for writing spell incantations in the fantasy genre.

Taking a few examples from spell incantations in the Slayers anime...
ドラグ・スレイブ(竜破斬) (Dragon Slave):
...偉大[なる]汝の名において 我ここに 闇に誓わん...
...I hereby swear unto darkness by thy * great name...
リカバリイ(治療) (Recovery):
聖[なる]癒しの御手よ 母[なる]大地の息吹よ...
O holy * healing hand, O breath of Mother * Earth...

Looking at 母なる大地, it seems that なる can also be used with nouns (like の in modern Japanese).

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