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ならいざ知らず [ならいざしらず] (naraizashirazu)
    Meaning: I'm not sure if it is [possible/so] but...
    Example: It's possible that an expert could do this but there I no way I can do it.
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: blabby

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名詞句 + ならいざ知らず, B 

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ex #5780   辞書があるならいざ知らず、何もなくてはこの文章はとても読めるものではない。 
Maybe it would be possible if I had a dictionary, but with nothing, it is by no means easy to read.  
ex #5781   専門家ならいざ知らず、素人ではこの化学品を作ることができない。 
Maybe it's possible for an expert, but a beginner can't make this chemical.  
ex #6971   他の人ならいざしらず、私はそんなことができない。 
Maybe it's possible for someone, but I can't do that  

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blabbyYou can also say ならともかく which has the same meaning. 
ex#5780 ものではない means : " shouldn't". So,I feel that it may be わけがない (impossible, by no means) or ことができない 
Thanks for your great contributions to this site!
Yes you are correct that わけがない and ことができない are good translations for "by no means"/"impossible".

However, this example uses "読める" which is like saying "できるものではない" rather than just "ものではない". Therefore I stand by my translation.
otenbaYou can also put 「は」 or 「だったら」 before 「いざしらず」, not only 「なら」. 

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