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ならでは [ならでは] (naradeha)
    Meaning: unless / impossible if it's not / only possible with/by/at/etc / very difficult by any other~,
    Example: service you can expect only at this shop / cannot be done by anyone but him / impossible unless one is a student
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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implies a special characteristic, or something that is unique to (that type of person) 
Almost always seems to be used like

noun +ならでは + の + noun

○ あの人ならでは能力
× あの人ならではできる
Ref # Kanzen Master Level 1 - p20 - no.18 
Ref # A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar p350 
DC's explanation is a little misleading
The three main formations are:
Noun1 + ならではの Noun2
(この店ならではのサービス service you can only expect at this shop)

(学生ならではだ Impossible unless s.o. is a student)

Noun ならでは Verb-potential-negative
(彼ならではできない s.t. cannot be done by anyone else but him)
naradeha is mainly used for positive statements about s.t. / s.o but conceivably could be used for negative / sarcastic statements:
(Only George could come up with such a stupid idea)

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ex #4780   あの人ならではこのような文章を書けなかっただろう。 
No one could have written such a prose as this one except him.  
ex #4940   あの人ならではとてもこの仕事はできない。 
Noone but he would be equal to this task.  
ex #5012   こんな美味しい料理は母親ならではのものです。 
no one but mother could have made such delicious food.  
ex #5848   その辞書ならではの特徴  
characteristic of the dictionary  
ex #5849   この季節ならではの感じなのかもしれない。  
a feeling special to this season perhaps  
ex #5850   地方ならではの魅力的な仕事  
A charming type of work specific to the region  
ex #5851   うるさいマスターならではの料理は、どれも新鮮で、うまいっ  
Especially for the fussy "master" (husband?) anything fresh and tasty.  
ex #5852   y限定・入手困難】の入荷に強い当社ならではの商品力とプライスに必ずご満足頂けると思います。  
With that company's stress on limited edition and hard to obtain goods, you are sure to be satisfied. (bad trans)  
ex #6269   こんな新しい発想はあのデザイナーならではのものです。 
Such a new conception is something only that designer could think of.  
ex #7868   この大学の法律図書館には、この大学ならではの充実した資料が揃っている。 
The law library of this university houses a rich collection of documents, the likes of which do not exist at other institutions.  

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bamboo4ならでは is equal to でなくては.
Miki#5012 I think this would be better Japanese. こんなおいしい料理は、母親ならではのものです。
or こんなおいしい料理は母親でなくては作れない。
母親ならでは作られない。is somewhat not natural for me.
bamboo4I agree, Miki-san. 
dcis this a little like 「のことだから」
its hiroko of course, so she was late.
bamboo4It is not like 弘子のことだから, which means "as it is usual for Hiroko." Accordingly, you would not say 弘子のことだから、遅れました, but you would say 弘子のことだから、遅れるでしょう. In other words, we use that expression for prediction rather than description of what actually took place. If you want to say "HIroko was late, as usual," you would say 例によって(いつもの通り)、弘子は遅れてきた.
You can also say : 弘子はいつも通りに遅れてきた
SumofanSo would it be correct to say that in cases where ならでは isn't followed by の it will always be followed by a phrase containing a negative verb? 
It should be:
All dishes except for the annoying master (manager/bar owner) were fresh and tasty.
LRMiki, I have this in my grammar textbook:
What do you think?

Are you sure it shouldn't say, "Only the annoying master (chef/manager) makes food so fresh and tasty"?

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