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〜な [〜な] (na-2)
    Meaning: Vru, (negative command - sentence ending particle)
    Example: Don't do that!
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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Group 1: Change the last sound of the ます-form into the え sound. E.g. やすみ「ます」-> やすめ
Group 2: Append ろ to the ます-form. E.g. ねろ / 寝ろ
Group 3: します->しろ きます->こい

Quite 'rough' speech, normally only used by men or those in senior positions.
This construct expresses a rough negative command ("Don't you dare do X!"). It takes the [dictionary form] of the verb and appends 〜な to it. 

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ex #749   バカなことする 
Don't do something that stupid!  
ex #5506   あまり 飲む  
dont drink too much.  
ex #8292   馬鹿ことをするな。  
on`t be silly.  
ex #8293   誰も動く 
on`t anybody move.  
ex #8294   心配する 
on`t worry.  
ex #8295   気にする 
Never mind.  
ex #8296   決して約束を破る 
Never break your promise.  

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  • naa    (Don't get the 'emphasis' な mixed up with the 'negative command' な.) [Amatuka]
  • na-3    (Don't get confused between V-ruな (negative command) and V-masu-baseな (positive command)) [Amatuka]
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AmatukaFormed from dictionary form verb + na

Vru = 'Dictionary' form verb (e.g. 歩く、する、いる)
hassanふざけるな! (they often say it in anime etc. means
something like... how to say it... 'stop that!',
'don't make me a fool')
MikiWe don't say ふせげるな! but we say ふせぐな! 防ぐ+な
ふざける is 'Dictionary' form verb and not potential form. ふざけるな can be also said as ふざけるんじゃない 
ふざけるな or ふざけないで meaning : " don't/ stop messing around and behave yourself"
ふざける = basic meaning is " to play around", "to mess about" but can also mean " to talk nonsense".

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