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〜な [〜な] (na)
    Meaning: (particle used with na-adjectives)
    Example: What a strange man!
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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ex #719   私はきっと人だと思われてる。 
I'm sure I'm thought of as an odd person.  
ex #5324   彼女はきれい足をしている。 
She has beautiful legs.  
ex #5325   静かレストランに行きましょう。 
Let's go to a quiet restaurant.  

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  • naru    (な derived from なる, but nowadays naru is fairly restricted in usage (classical and religious contexts)) [Amatuka]
  • no    (の can be used in modifying words with nouns much as な can with na-adjectives.) [Amatuka]
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Amatukaな is used by na-adjectives to modify the word that follows them.
This is exactly the same way の is used with nouns to modify the word that follows them.
な derived from なる - and なる can still be used in some circumstances in the same way.
AmatukaE.g. 車 - (a) Car.
Modify with な-adjective,
大きな車 - (a) Large car.
Modify with noun
フレッドの車 - Fred's car.
AmatukaNote that the same word can often be used both as a na-adjective and as a noun.
Also quite a lot of i-adjectives can (with the i removed) be used as na-adjectives.
e.g. 大きい車 vs. 大きな車

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