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〜もの [〜もの] (mono)
    Meaning: because, should, like to
    Example: i cant go because it is raining
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: Meghana

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だって。。。。もの。it is used by girl. 

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ex #5922   電話はあしたにしたほうがいいんじゃない、もう遅いもの 
It's not good to make call tommorow because it is already late.  
ex #6574   しょうがないよ。子供なんだもん 
It can't be helped. He's just a kid.  
ex #6575   どうして食べないの? だって、まずいもの 
Why don't you eat it? Because it doesn't taste good.  
ex #8572   警察はあの人を抑えたよ!。毀れるもん。  
Police have arrested the man!. for corruption.  

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    Daviddoesn't もの here simply refers to the 'thing' that is `already late', more than marks it as a `reason' ? Or would that be only with こと ? 
    dianaI thought the translation was, "Wouldn't it be better to call tomorrow, because it's already late (as far as today goes)?" 
    Davidwouldn't that be :

    I have the feeling the translation of te current example is correct, however the importance of `もの’is a bit misplaced...
    wynnej2diana your right!
    The meaning is backwards.
    ashitaWould you please add more uses of "mono" to this topic. I'm newbie to Japanese, and find it quite difficult if the uses of one word are not fully listed.  

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