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みたい [みたい] (mitai)
    Meaning: looks like
    Example: Seems like he's caught a cold.
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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ex #709   彼は風邪をひいたみたいです。 
Seems like he's caught a cold.  
ex #5006   まるで夢みたい 
It's like a dream  
ex #5007   お前みたいな奴は見たことがない 
I've never met the likes of you!  
ex #5008   京都みたいな所に行くのが好きです 
I like to visit places like Kyoto  
ex #5009   外国に行くみたいなことを言っていました 
He was talking like he was going abroad  
ex #6326   明日雨が降るみたいなあ。 
It seems that tomorrow it's gonna rain...  

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AmatukaNeed to check up on the difference between みたい and よう usage. 
AmatukaDon't confuse みたい (seeming) with みたい (wanting to see). The latter is the たい (tai) desirative form of みる (I'm not sure how 'seeming' みたい was derived) 
Miki'seeming'みたい is a part of みたいだ, which is derived from 見たようだ according to 大辞林(daijirin). 
nadineThe first time I came across みたい in that form (the example) I processed it from the literal meaning
"I want to see that he has a cold" ->
"I want to say he has a cold" ->
(oh!) "Seems like he has a cold" . . .
Ok, it's a stretch but well these are the things you do when you have no one to ask.
bamboo4There are certain nuance changes in みたい as my added examples show.

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