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まさかの〜 [まさかの〜] (masakano)
    Meaning: If unexpectedly there is anything , 〜
    Example: If there is anything unexpected, please call here.
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar

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Always come with 「まさかの場合、〜」、「まさかの時、〜」 

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ex #5842   まさかの場合、ここに電話してください。 
If there is anything unexpected/For the unexpected , please contact to this place.  
ex #5843   まさかの時、すぐお知らせ下さい。 
If there is anything(unexpected) ,please let me know at once.  
ex #5860   まさかのときには貯蓄に頼ればよい。 
In an emergency you can fall back on your savings.  
ex #5861   まさかのときに備えて貯蓄せよ。 
Keep something for a rainy day.  
ex #5862   まさかのときの友こそ真の友。 
Friend in need is a friend indeed.  
ex #5863   まさかの時にはあなたを助けてやろう。 
I'll stand by you in time of need.  
ex #8750   私の家族は天気が良かったので花見に行ったら、まさかの急な雨が降り出した。  
When my family went to flower viewing because the weather was nice, a sudden unexpected rain began to fall.  

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bamboo4In #5842, まさかの場合 should preferably be まさかの時は and in #5843, まさかの時 should be まさかの時は  
Paul BlayThere are 19 まさかの時 examples in WWWJDIC
which can be "borrowed" as necessary. In WWWJDIC examples the Japanese is usually good, but the English is sometimes dodgy.
dca lot of those examples are duplicates, but i added the best. FYI the link on this page to "Search big database for more examples of まさかの〜" searches the same WWJDIC example database. 
lonesoullostWouldn't example [#5843] be more succinctly translated as, "If there is anything unexpected, please call."? It's not really necessary to include the "to this place" (or better - "here"). 

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