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〜まい [〜まい] (mai-4)
    Meaning: Don't do ~
    Example: Don't let this get out.
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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ex #494   問題が起これば、学校だけで何とかしよう、外にはもらすまい 
If some trouble crops up, sort it out somehow or other in school - don't let it leak outside.  
ex #2896   一兵たりとも逃すまいぞ!(Archaic) 
Don't even let a single enemy soldier escape!  
ex #2897   あいつはそこまではやるまい 
I don't think he would dare go that far.  

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    Mikisomehow or other
    pgbまい is kinda like ないだろう, or ないとおもう I guess.
    Also its pretty formal and not used much in conversation nowadays.
    MikiDepending on context, まい has stronger meaning.
    ex#494, you can repalce with 〜してはならない
    ex#2896, 〜しないつもりだ
    ex#2987, 〜ないと思う
    bamboo4#2869, you can replace まいぞ with 逃してはいけない 

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