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気になる ([きになる] )(kininaru)
    Meaning: thinking about, concerned about, worried about 心配する
    Example: I was worried about my father's health.
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: wing

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Often translated as "worried about," this verb is not always that dire and is often closer to "concerned about". For example, Inspector Sugishita of the TV program Aibou often says, "_____ koto ga ki ni natta," (I am concerned about the fact that _______.) as he tries to fit together the facts in his investigations. 

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ex #6643   何かきになることがある?  
Is there something you're worried about?  
ex #6676   A:なんでその変なスタイルにしたの? B:何か、気になる 
A:Why did you go with that weird style? B:Well, the feeling just came to me!  
ex #6677   Well, the feeling just came to me! 

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    tauntOops, Ex#6676 and 6677 are supposed to be connected! 
    japindianWhen you say "feeling just came to me", it's not really feel worried about something. Does this mean that kininaru can be used to mean"on a whim" or "spontaneously". Also, is this used with verbs or nouns or is it just nankakinaru? 

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