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〜からこそ ([〜からこそ] )(karakoso-2)
    Meaning: especially because (non-intuitive nuance) 常識に反する理由だが、その理由を特に言いたい時に使う表現
    Example: When it snows, I really miss my mother.
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: Stephen

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ex #5726   だからこそ、うちにいたくない。雪の日にうちにいるのは寂しすぎる。 
I don't want to stay at home, especially since it's snowing. On snowy days, being at home is too lonely.  
ex #5727   頭がいいと思っているからこそ、厳しくしつけるのです。 
It's precisely because I think you've got brains that I'm bringing you up so strictly.  
ex #5728   実は、知らない人ばかりだったからこそ、言いにくいことも言うことができたのだ。 
Actually, it was especially_because they were all people I didn't know that I was able to say things I usually find difficult to say.  
ex #6503   手伝ってくれたからこそ、仕事が早く出来ましたよ。 
I was able to do this work quickly, (especially) because of all your help.  

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yookosoWe have entries for koso, arebakoso, dakarakoso, and karakoso-2 (though not karakoso). Maybe someone more knowledgeable should go through these and decide if they are all necessary.  
言いにくいも should be corrected to 言いにくいことも.
赤毛Corrected #5728 according to bambo4さん proposition. Is 言いにくいもの言う OK too? 

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