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かのごとく [かのごとく] (kanogotoku)
    Meaning: as if
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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〜かのごとく: 〜かのように + 形容詞・動詞 

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ex #514   あたかも永遠を傷つけることがないかのごとく暇をつぶしているが・・・。 
As if you could kill time without injuring eternity.  
ex #515   誰も見ていないかのごとく自由に踊りましょう 
Dance freely as if nobody was watching.  
ex #5893   その森の中は、何万年も前に戻ったかのごとく神秘的だった 
Within this forest, it was so mysterious as if one had even gone some ten thousands years back in time  

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AmatukaAppeared in JLPT 1 for 2002 
AmatukaSeems may be used mostly in poetic / lyric sense. 
Actually, this entry is under ごとく since the 〜かの before it can be seen as a noun phrase, 何万年も前に戻ったか(noun phrase) + の + ごとく 
Actually, it sounds similar with 〜かのような, only thing is now since the following phrase is either an Adjective or Verb, it becomes 〜かのように. And also, ごとく is a classical word. 
mochabeanI agree. The かの of 〜かのよう(に) might need special explanation for those at a lower level who aren't familiar with these constructions, but once you've reached level 1 and presumably long-since mastered 〜よう(に) and 〜かのよう(に) I wouldn't have thought this required any further mention once the entry for ごとく had been read; certainly not a seperate entry. 

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