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関係 ([かんけい] )(kankei)
    Meaning: relationship, relation (between/to) あるものが他のものと何らかのかかわりを持つこと。
    Example: close relation between...
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: biz
    Author: ryuunonamida

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ex #8205   彼女は文学と音楽の関係に関する研究を続けている。 
She has been continuing her research on the relationship between literature and music.  
ex #8206   1917年にアメリカはドイツとの外交関係を断った。 
America severed diplomatic relations with Germany in 1917.  
ex #8207   彼らの関係は決裂して元に戻らなかった。 
Their relationship was broken beyond repair.  
ex #8208   2人は性的関係を持つようになった。 
Their relationship became sexual.  
ex #8209   彼女は母親との関係がうまくいっていない。 
She is not on good terms with her mother.  

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    EvilKyraThis is just a normal noun, isn't it? (meaning relationship). I'm not really sure this should be in the grammar section. 
    karekanoI agree with you EvilKyra but I have added some examples anyway :D 

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