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漢字写真 [かんじしゃしん] (kanjipic)
    Meaning: a tool to look up photos based on kanji
    Example: just enter kanji
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: social
    Author: babures

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hiya - this isn't really a grammar, but just another little gadget I am working on. Trying to help remember kanji, i find visual associations really useful. so if you use this to type in a kanji, it will come back with related photos. Kanji are based on images right? This tool puts that to the test. Perhaps you can find some new associations!

Heres the link: KanjiPic
a kiss for you 

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    laxxyIs there any way to keep the grammar database entries to, well, grammar entries, rather than a collection of all possible links someone considered relevant?

    Please delete.
    jarbvThe scripts on this website only half work... It doesn't pull up any pictures so it only serves as an explanation of various kanji and its component radicals.

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